A New Way

Despite the title that echoes the past few months, I promise you, this is not about the election.

Instead, it is about my own “New Direction”.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a lot recently. Part of this 3 month hiatus has been laziness, but it has equally been that I have been reassessing. After six years here in Canberra, it’s time to work out my next steps.

So I am leaving this capital and moving to another. While I am still young enough to get a visa I am heading to London to work for a year or two, to see what I can find.

Those few dedicated readers out there might be wondering what is going to happen to my blogging. Well, I intend to keep writing, without question, and I intend to write much more often than I have been. But there will be some changes.

I will be retiring the title Capital Gourmand once I get to London, starting a new blog instead. I am going to post a few more times here before I go, but once I get to the UK in November I will be at a whole new place.

As a bigger change, what I am writing is also going to be different. No more reviews. The last thing a giant city like London needs is yet another voice opining on the thousands of dining options, going through dish by dish. I want a different challenge.

Instead, I will be writing more narrative pieces. Stories, going deep into an idea or an experience. I want my readers to feel that experience themselves, rather than just hear my judgement. That’s the sort of food writing that I prefer to read. It is, I think, more difficult to get right, but when people do it can be fantastic.

My post from this week, Remedy, is one of my first attempts at doing this, and my final few posts here will also be more along this line. Think of it as practice. I really hope you enjoy.

There is one last piece of business I need to work out, however. I haven’t yet come up with a name for my London blog, so I am going to throw it open to suggestions. I want something that encapsulates the idea of an expat Aussie in London. My first thought was The Raw Prawn, which I am still considering, but let’s see if we can anything else.



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Food, films and politics are my triumvirate of passions.
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1 Response to A New Way

  1. I love reading you blog, you’re a great writer and it’s awesome to know what you will be continuing with food writing but challenging yourself to write something different. Look forward to following your new direction!

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