Breakfast in the Afternoon

Name: Satis

Address: Windeye St, Watson. 2602 ACT

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 
8:30am-4:30pm, Saturday – Sunday 9am-4pm

When it comes to reviewers, breakfast is often overlooked. Despite countless ads telling us about fuzzy thinking and how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it doesn’t get much attention from those of us who write.

Although, it has to be wondered, is it still the most important meal of the day when you eat it at two in the afternoon?

It seems unlikely, but hopefully the ill effects of a seriously late breakfast are offset by the virtues of excellent, organic vegetarian food served at Satis in Watson.

Satis is a tiny café in a pokey little suburban shopping centre, decked out with wooden shelves and tables, designed to be, in a word, cool. It’s the sort of place that, at a time of day when coffee and breakfasts are reasonable, would be full of stylish students. Not hipsters, but the people on the more social edge of the genre. People would go there to be seen, if only the place was somewhere that people could walk by and see you.

But a place can only maintain the cool vibe if they also serve food that is of high enough quality to be worth eating. Thankfully, the vegetarian breakfasts at Satis more than fulfilled this requirement.

Beautifully cooked poached eggs on toast, the yolks running like golden rivers, sat beneath a pile of rich, crumbly, chili threaded feta cheese. Beside it, a mound of crushed potatoes, pressed together, in one of the few traditional hash browns I have ever had. Don’t get me wrong; I love the deep-fried chip like slabs that are usually dished out under this name, but there is something about this muffin-shaped sculpture of just firm potato. Simple, rustic, and wonderful.

The menu catered for those who take their meatless-ness even further, with many vegan options. I have never tried scrambled tofu, but I would be willing to trust them here.

To fill out the slightly hippyish feel, a chai tea seemed the way to go (although, “chai” already means tea, so that basically means “tea tea”, but I’ll let that pass). It was exciting to see that, rather than the ridiculous chai lattes you get in most places, here they properly used spiced tea, infused properly into milk, then served with a little pot of honey for sweetness. Subtle, simple and spicy, this was a great drink.

On the way out, it was impossible to pass up one of the available selection of little cakes and tarts. For me, the British classic of a Bakewell tart was the way to go. This was a perfect, crumbly pastry, topped with an almond sponge, and in between a sticky vein of glorious strawberry jam. Occasionally those Brits came up with some lovely things.

Satis is just a café, but it’s a café that knows what it is doing. It is perfect for vegetarians, and just as exciting for those of us who usually eat meat, because these are vegetarian breakfasts to satisfy anyone.

No matter what time of day you eat.


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